Moving towards a circular economy

Technical support


EUR 2.1 million (USD 2.4 million) technical cooperation (“TC”) package from EU IPA will assist the Bank’s clients in applying best practices during project preparation.

TC package includes development of

(a) market assessments for several sub-sectors (including packaging, cement, recycling of different types of waste);

(b) TC for  pipeline preparation of private sector and municipal waste minimisation projects; and

(c) technical project development support.

What is a resource efficiency audit?

Resource efficiency audits assess a company's energy, water and materials consumption, along with their waste generation. Conducted by EBRD experts or EBRD-commissioned external TC consultants, this allows Bank to identify sustainable investments which relate specifically to the company's need.

The process includes a benchmark analysis, a risk assessment, a capital investment appraisal and an implementation plan, all of which are carried out in close collaboration with the company.

Where relevant and agreed with the company, the consultant can analyse management practises concerning the use of resources. They can also work with the company to create corporate social responsibility strategies.