Moving towards a circular economy

Policy Dialogue


Policy dialogue activities to improve the current regulatory framework will be modelled on and may be linked to the work carried out by the Bank in various sectors. Establishing bridges between sector associations, municipalities and the Government, NØW will address barriers at different levels, ranging from national to municipal to sectoral, and project-specific.

Examples of activities under consideration are:

- Development of waste stream inventories together with sector associations, already initiated for glass and plastic;

- Identification of relevant best practices waste minimisation globally and  turning waste into a resource;

- Review of national legislation to address gaps on maximising reuse, recycling and recovery of wastes and support improvement of relevant legislation;

- Review of roles and responsibilities of the national government, municipalities and other government agencies (where applicable) according to existing legislation and waste streams;

- Development of a preliminary framework for measurement, reporting and verification;

- Development of tools for enforcement, including indicators and regulatory requirements;

- Independent analysis of value-sharing mechanisms between relevant parties for different waste minimisation technologies, particularly regarding municipal solid waste and its use in private sector companies.