Moving towards a circular economy

Financial Support


Clean Technology Fund ("CTF") funds combined with EBRD lending to finance innovative waste minimisation and pollution prevention projects for an approximate aggregate value of USD 125 million.

The Programme will assist EBRD clients in Turkey in the implementation of best available techniques and technologies (“BATs”) for waste minimisation with high positive environmental impact and low market penetration. NØW will be structured as an envelope programme, utilising a dedicated allocation of up to USD 20 million from the  CTF to be combined with EBRD financing.

The allocation of the support under NØW Programme will be based on early mover externalities. The CTF contribution to NØW projects will be restricted by the following requirements:

• the CTF contribution will be limited to 20 per cent of the total Sustainable Resource Initiative (SRI)* investment, with a maximum cap of USD 3.0 million per project; and

• the net present value (NPV) of the CTF concessional contribution will be equal to or less than the additional costs that being an early mover involves for that particular project (early mover externalities).

* SRI will “focus on minimising the waste stream by: reducing waste in transformation processes through the upgrade and modernisation of production systems; reusing waste streams – i.e. capturing the commercial value of waste materials; and recycling and using materials with lower environmental footprint…. This is likely to involve support for markets for recycled products (such as refuse-derived fuels) from a range of sectors including from municipal recycling schemes.”


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