Moving towards a circular economy


Enfaş is part of the Sütaş Group, the largest dairy group in Turkey, created an innovative energy arm of their business to use the Groups waste and by-products such as dairy waste, cow manure and waste water treatment sludge, to produce renewable energy.  They have expanded the Groups biogas power production and capacity and established an organic fertiliser production facility and the project is funded by the European Union and the Climate Investment Funds, as part of the EBRDs  Near-Zero Waste Programme (NØW).

As part of the investment, the capacity of Biogas plant will increase from 10.7 MW to 19.2 MW in order to obtain maximum flexibility on substrate selection according to the various materials available in the region.  The loan will finance to install a system for drying of digestate and for improving its bio fertiliser properties to a proper level for selling as enriched fertiliser.