Moving towards a circular economy

Işık Organic

Işık Organic has been operating as a processor, packer and exporter of organic/natural dried fruits, nuts and frozen fruits & vegetables in Turkey since 1984.  With the CTF financing provided by the EBRD under Near Zero Waste Programme, Işık Organic will implement two major technologies for processing of two new products which will result in significant waste reduction/recovery in raw materials and packaging materials.

Frozen puree product is a new high value product which will upcycle underutilized raw materials as the sort-out and slow rotating frozen fruits will become an opportunity with this project. It is expected that 1577 tonnes of waste from sort out and slow rotating fruits will be recovered annually. Another new product that the Company will launch is freeze dried organic fruits. The final product has a long shelf-life without any added preservatives and is light in weight, which make it convenient for transportation (the product weight is around 10% of the original raw material weight).

The loan will support the company to use technologies that enable significant energy savings of 8,060 GJ/year and recover 2,379 tons of underutilised raw materials for reuse in the production process.