Moving towards a circular economy

Circular Economy Platform


Turkiye Materials Marketplace platform (TMM) has been transformed to circular economy platform ( recently. As TMM was instrumental in creating an ecosystem around circular economy through the course of the past 4 years, the EBRD recognized the need to create a space where anything on circular economy is explained in detail. With the establishment of Turkey Circular Economy Platform, the aim is to provide practical solutions, incentives, news and opportunities in the field of circular economy.

The circular economy is an emerging economic concept that provides new business models and strategies to continuously reuse materials and resources to their fullest potential. At the heart of the circular economy is the idea of moving away from linear economic business practices and directly challenging the ‘take, make, waste’ mentality, aiming to achieve social well-being while operating within the boundaries of our planet.

To accelerate the transition to circular economy in Turkey, the new platform at hand includes a knowledge hub, an e-commerce platform (Turkey Materials Marketplace), measurement tools, and offers training, financial opportunities, and consultancy services for companies that are truly looking to accelerate their transition to circular.